High Protein Grilled Cheese


The crunch and saltiness of the buttery toasted bread.


The gooiness of the melted cheese that strings out after the first, second and third bite.


The satisfaction of eating your favorite childhood sandwich in your mid 30’s, priceless.


Well, now that I have officially drooled all over my keyboard, we might as well really go into detail about the All-American Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I mean, because why the heck not?


This recipe has to be one of my favorites because so many people doubt it. How in the world to you make the worlds cheesy, buttery mouth-watering sandwiches healthy? Um, well you make some adjustments and make it work because in my world, there are no restrictions, there are modifications and foods eaten in moderation. And that should be your world too because what is life with restrictions? Pretty crappy if you ask me!


So, enough chit chat! Time to make the sandwich of all sandwiches as I’m hoping we have all come to agree on.


First, I’m going to need you to grab a pen and paper and jot down these ingredients because I am almost positive we are going to need to take a little trip to the grocery store. Really and store will do, Walmart included.



2 slices of Ezeikiel Bread (any version of your choice, I personally like the orange wrapping)

2 oz All-Natural Sliced Turkey Breast

28g Fat Free Kraft Mozzarella Cheese (I promise you won’t tell a difference!)

½ tablespoon Butter (uh duh! I said healthy no flavorless!)


Alright, go ahead and run to the store and I’ll meet you in the kitchen when you get back! J


Ok fam! Let’s get grilling!


First, I need you to heat up your skillet on medium heat, maybe medium-high heat for that extra crispy. I personally love using our cast iron skillet. It is literally perfection to make a grilled cheese in, the healthy and non-healthy kind.


I need you to take the coveted butter that I know when you saw it on the list you went, “Wait, she said healthy? Is that a typo?” Nope, it is not! And don’t you go looking in your fridge for that fake ass butter either. I want full on butter on the outside of that bread. I promise you will see by the end of this masterpiece that the fat macros you are so worried about will not be as bad as you think. So, back to the bread and butter. Grab one piece of the Ezekiel Bread and spread butter on the outside of one side, place butter side down in the pan.


Next, I want you to take half of the cheese that you measured out and put that down on the bread. Follow that up with the 2 oz of All-Natural Turkey meat and followed by the rest of the cheese. Now, let’s pause for a quick second. Are these the only ingredients you are allowed to add to this melt? Oh, heck no my friend! But remember, I am just trying to show you a basic, high protein, ooey-gooey crispy grilled cheese. The macros I am going to share are only for those 4 ingredients, but you make this sandwich your own! Add the avocado or the bacon or a different sort of meat if you desire. Today, we just basic. Ok back to the action sizzling in your pan! Finish with the other slice of bread and use the rest of the butter to smear on top of that slice.


So, at this point, you can either sit and drool while this cook, or set a timer for 2-3 minutes, depending on how hot your pan is, to let you know when it is time to flip. Before finishing the flip, however, take a little peak at the side that is down on the pan. Is it that golden brown you remember as a child? Yes? FLIP!


Repeat that timer or again, sit and drool. At this point it’s up to you and your stomach and how much you can handle. It should only take another 2-3 minutes BUT WAIT, check the side that is down so that you are 100% it is grilled cheese worthy!


The removal, the cut and the pull apart. Literally the main reason we have all taken time to make this sandwich, am I RIGHT? Ok, ready, set, go! Did it happen! Did you get the gooey cheese pull apart? Oh my lanta! I am drooling for you! Did you get the first bite crunch and the buttery goodness from the outside crisp? Yep, I just drooled on my keyboard.


Ok, you finish up while I calculate the amazing macros you just ate…Drum roll please!

Your high protein sandwich macros are:


Protein: 26g    Carb: 34g         Fats: 7.5g        Fiber: 6g


I mean come on! How perfect are those macros for the amount of amazingness you just put in your mouth! Literally doesn’t get any better than that! Balanced, high protein, filling and a childhood memory you can make with your kids and NOT feel guilty!


Happy Grilling!

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