Counting While Eating Out


How to Eat Out and Stay on Point!

This is a question I get asked time and time again from clients:

How do you eat out and still stay on track with my macros?

 Well my friends, it is really not as hard as you would think, but for some, an idea they wouldn’t think of because at the end of the day, who wants to put in all that extra work right?

When it comes to eating out for a birthday dinner, date night with boo or happy hour with friends, the last thing we want to do is track a calorie or count a macro. Eating out is meant to be fun, eat foods you don’t normally cook and enjoy a cocktail with friends! I GET IT! But for those who have set fitness goals or even for those who MUST lose some weight for health reasons, extra precautions need to be put in place to have that fitness-lifestyle balance.

 Now, don’t make this process more complicated than it has to be. It actually takes no more time than the car ride to the restaurant!

Please also take into account, EVERYONES MACROS ARE DIFFERENT!

Please just take these tips and apply them to your personal numbers!

My top tips for eating out and staying on track:

1.     Find out where you are going ahead of time. The earlier you know where you are going, the better you can prepare yourself and your food choices to fit the meal of your dreams!

a.     Decide if you are going to be indulging in some cocktails along with your meal or some sinful tastes of dessert after! That may also play a role in how you set up your day or how you choose what to eat.

b.     Depending on how far in advance you have found out about where you are eating, stalk the menu like it’s your new favorite book! Look that thing over 5x’s! Get a feel for what this place offers and what you want to indulge on, if anything!

2.     When you have a feel for what the restaurant serves, you can set up the rest of your day so you can fit in some tasty treats! The easiest way to fit things in is to have somewhat of a “boring” day of eating! If you are going to an Italian place, we all know that carbs and fats will run the meal. SO, during the day, focus on your protein numbers. Have an egg white omlette for breakfast, have a chicken/turkey salad for lunch, keep the snacks to some deli meat or a protein shake. Continue to feed your body (WE DON’T STARVE) but put your focus into the macro that you know this restaurant will most likely serve the bare minimum.

3.     Keep your water intake high. Most places use more salt than you are used to and can cause that bloated, eye puffiness we all dread after a night out of eating and drinking. Keep chugging that H2O all day and make sure with the meal, take a sip or 2 of water with every bite. I like to do the Heidi Powell trick and every time I take a drink, I take 10 big gulps. Try it and see how much your water increases daily!

4.     Make sure to get some sort of “green” to go with dinner. If you are having pasta or a burger, order a side salad. If you are getting a steak and mashed potatoes, order a steamed veggie. If you are getting Mexican, eat the shredded lettuce on the taco LOL! Keep your fiber up where you can so things go in and out the same as usual!

5.  Once you have put your order in, once you have added in the correct amount of food into your My Fitness Pal, once you have put your napkin in your lap and have taken your first sip of your cocktail, ENJOY THE MEAL! There is no stress, there is no what if. If you wake up tomorrow 2 pounds up and puffy eyes, oh well! Drink some water and go for a swim or walk. Don’t have any regrets, don’t have any guilt for going out and having fun!

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