Monday Reboost



Why do we look at that word an associate a negative mood?

Why do we think of Monday and immediately roll our eyes, deep sign and get cranky?

Why is Monday so Monday!

When Monday rolls around in the gym, I get two different types of comments from clients:

  1. OMG! Caitie! I did so good this weekend! I tracked everything and ate on point! I even hit the gym on Sunday for an extra cardio session!
  2. Ugh! Caitie! I ate like crap this weekend…We had a birthday party and I ate so much food…I feel so bloated and gross! Should I not eat today and do extra cardio?

Now take both of those statements in for me for a quick second…

On one hand, you stayed on top of your food and activity, you kept your goals at the forefront of your mind and stayed on track like a pro. Monday never felt so good! On the other hand, you let loose a little, you enjoyed good food and good company and now you think life is officially over. From one extreme to the other right? But why?

Let’s get “mean” trainer out of the way really quick. If you have goals, if that goal contains a weight or how you want to look, staying on track during the weekend comes down to self-discipline. To drop 3-5 pounds in a month for most is already a large goal, but doing that while getting off track 8 days out of the month? Well, I would say maybe we need to re-evaluate what your goals truly are and if they are worth it at the moment! If that weight loss goal is #1, you need to be able to say no, be able to hit your numbers and stay on track. Self-discipline, tracking food/drink, getting your water and workouts in, should be top priority to you.

Now, back to “nice” Caitie. If you are someone that is LIVING LIFE, if you are happy, healthy and doing the dam thing, why is an extra cookie or mimosa at brunch with the family life or death? Why are you putting so much negative emotion into enjoying life?

Life should not be dictated by your MyFitness Pal 24/7. Don’t let your macro numbers hurt you more than they should be helping you. If you have been counting for a good amount of time, you should hopefully understand what a serving of protein is for you, you should be listening to your body enough to know when you are full or when you need a little more. You have hopefully been paying attention to what foods hurt you more than they help, no matter how tasty they are to your taste buds.

Monday DO NOT’s:

  1. Starve your body to “make up” for over eating on the weekend
  2. Do an insane amount of cardio to burn calories
  3. Wear a stupid amount of clothing and sit in the sauna for an hour to burn the “fat” you think you gained in one day from one cookie

Monday DO’s:

  1. Get back on track with your macros
  2. Get back on track with your water intake
  3. Get back on track with your activity
  4. Look back at the memories you made that weekend and smile!

Stop trying to fix what was never broken! You “slipped” on your diet, you enjoyed a little too much, you lived life, you did things humans do every weekend!

Stop feeling guilty.

Stop putting yourself in time out for a weekend well spent.

What’s done is done. Accept it, learn from it and move on.

Your body loves you when you treat it with care, so do just that on a Monday after a fun weekend! <3


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