Mirror, mirror on the wall…


When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you see the bags under your eyes or the zit on the tip of your nose?

Do you see the cellulite on your butt or the extra skin hanging from the back of your arm?

Are you so concerned about your “bra fat”, that instead of wearing your favorite tank top in the middle of the Arizona summer, you wear a long sleeve shirt?

Do you pay more attention to your “muffin top” or your non-existent, over rated thigh gap than your kids soccer game?


Take a moment, and really allow yourself to answer that one question.

Has our society made looks and appearances so dam important in our day to day that we have lost who we are and what we have to offer this world?

Instead of owning every single bit of you, you change to fit the mold. You change to fit in with the #fitmom. You change into the wife you “think” your husband likes or the mom you think your kids look up to.

I am a thick, 5’5 spit fire.

I have thicker thighs than Serena Williams.

I have the cutest group of cellulite dimples on each cheek.

I have skin that shines brighter than the oil in the actual bottle.

I have a waist 10x smaller than my thighs, so imagine fun a jean shopping trip can be.

I have more “problems” with my body than I literally care to count and the best part? I DON’T GIVE A RATS BEHIND! Why? Because I am who I am! Short, proud and round!

Physical characteristics are so yesterday. I want you to switch up your focus to who you are as a proud woman. Do you love harder than Cupid? Do you care more than Granny down the road? Do you make a mean PB&J sandwich every day just to see your youngsters smile? Do you make your husbands jaw drop just with that side eye sexy glare across the table?

So why does a little blemish on your forehead send you into a down word spiral?

STOP letting your body control your feelings, your joy and your happiness!

When you look in the mirror, see YOU. SEE you in all your blemished, cellulite, bra fat glory. LOVE all of your imperfections from your forehead to your toes. ENJOY your struggles to get to the top. EMRACE life one long, hard as day as they come.

STOP letting the mirror win.

Mirror, mirror on the Wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?


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