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How to get started without breaking the bank!

So, you have finally decided now is the time?

It is finally time to make YOU a priority in life. It is finally time to break away from all the B.S. excuses you keep coming up with and all the why nots of why you cannot start today. I tell clients time and time again that if they are not functioning at 100%, how in the world do they expect to give 100% to anyone else in this world? How are you going to care for your children or the household? How are you going to work hard at your job to earn that bonus check? How are you going to be there for your elderly parents that depend on you for almost everything? If it took you longer than 10 seconds to answer that question, we have a problem and it is time to fix that!

Instead of emptying your bank account right away on all the latest and greatest supplements, gym gear and 5 different memberships at all the newest, best gyms, let’s take a deep breath, and start at square one! NUTRITION! The food and liquids you put in your body should be the first place you look at to start this journey. It doesn’t take rocket science peeps, the food you put in your body has a direct correlation to how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally, day in and day out. Eat like shit, feel like shit. Eat good, feel good. You see what I’m getting at here?

Below you will see my top 5 tips for anyone and everyone who is trying to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. It will take a little work on your end since you have decided to try to do this on your own for now, don’t worry I am here to help if and when you need it!  You will need to plan, track, log and snap a few pics along the way but it is 100% doable on your own! Now please, keep these secrets to yourself because once people start seeing you live your BEST life, they are going to want in! Read quietly, take notes and watch your life change for the BETTER!

The number one and easiest start to your journey, consistency in everything you do and eat. When I say consistency, I don’t mean eating the same thing over and over again or doing the same workout routine day after day. When it comes to consistency, are you eating the same number of calories every day or are you 900 calories Tuesday-Friday and 2,300 calories over the weekend? Are you confusing the hell out of your body and making it guess when the next time it is getting fed adding in a binge here and there? Are you having random days of “who cares what I eat” and other days of “ok, time to diet to fit in the party dress”? When I first start out with clients, the first thing we chat about is consistency. What is the point in automatically changing your food to that “bro diet” life if you don’t follow a plan/schedule right now? Sometimes, I lied, A LOT of the time it is not what you are eating, but it is how often you eat and how much you are eating. Challenge yourself to eating consistently for 4-7 days and see how much your body loves you and possibly changes in just that short time!

Once you have gotten your mind and body on a set schedule or set amount of food for the last few days, start tracking what you are eating. This step doesn’t need a special app, this step needs your note section on your phone or basic pen and paper. Start to track everything that you eat and drink every day. Now, does this mean change up your eating because that you are going to pay more attention? NO! Eat how you normally would or how else are you (we) going to change anything? If you normally eat out for lunch, then eat out at lunch just track what you eat and the diet coke you ordered! If you typically have a cookie and coffee for your afternoon snack, track it! Don’t change it! If anything, we may be able to make that fit! Don’t lie starting day 1 or you will never find the results you are looking for!
Now that you have found consistency in the kitchen and that you have brought to your attention the type of food you are eating, we have to figure out what your true goals are for yourself. Are you content with where you are at? Great! Don’t change a thing! Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, increase strength and build muscle? This is where your consistency will come in to play. If your goal is to lose weight, we need to put you into a healthy deficit. Any calorie decrease that is lower that your consistent intake of calories, with the increase of activity, will help you lose some unwanted pounds. This doesn’t mean remove ALL food, I did say HEALTHY! This means start with a 200-250 calorie drop and see how well your body responds. If you want to gain weight, we will need to do the complete opposite. Instead of removing food, we will need to add food into your daily intake, around 200-250 calories to start. You want to gain strength more than you care about esthetics…just eat!  Eat and lift heavy, that is life! All the changes you will make to your food at the end of the day depends on what you are looking to change. The number one thing I always want you to remember when making this decision is what is going to make you healthy and happy at the end of the day. Do not make this change for anyone other than yourself! I promise, you will thank me in the end 
Now that we have set up a new calorie point for your goals, time to see how they work. Yes, this will take some work on your end, sorry to disappoint. Before even starting, we need to take measurements and pics. We have to be able to track the change and see the change, along with FEEL the change! I know, I know! Ugh pics?! Seriously?? YES! Suck it up and get in front of the mirror to snap a pic from the front, from the side and from the back. You’re implementing this change for a reason, right? What better motivation than YOURSELF! If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then make a change! Oh wait, we are 
Purchase a mini journal so you can track your weight, your measurements, daily affirmations, whatever you need to keep getting better and keep moving forward! Treat this like a science experiment, we have to test, check and retest to keep changing. While you’re at the store, might as well hit the grocery section to stock up on all your favorite nutritious foods. Anything and everything colorful, is always going to be your best bet. Stay on the outside sections of the grocery store for all of those needs. Once your cart is full of the good stuff, venture into those “BEWARE” aisles. Yes, those aisles you are told to always stay away from but why?
1. It is time to start meal prepping on your off days. Pull out that dusty crockpot, those pots and pans you have shoved in the back of the cabinets, the old recipe book you stopped looking at because the McDonald’s menu was the only thing you have been reading.
2. Prep your proteins and carbs in bulk so putting quick meals together is easy! Prep different kinds so you have the best variety to choose from! Add in fats that you crave and love, not just the infamous nut butters!
3. LOOK AT YOUR FOOD PEEPS! Don’t just eat it because you read somewhere on Wikipedia that it was good for you and don’t stop eating it because the ad on Facebook said it would cause belly fat! Find foods that you enjoy, love, want to eat on the daily and won’t make you want to binge on the weekends!
4. Use a tracker such as My Fitness Pal or My Macros if you are someone who needs to see the protein, carbs, fats and calories you are eating daily. Use a pen and paper if you are better at writing it down and looking at it. Use basic food pyramid and serving size knowledge you learned as a kid and eat mindfully!
Now comes the actual work part of the whole process  TWO WEEKS! Yes, you heard me right, you need to promise me you will stick to this program for AT LEAST the next 2 weeks.

Give your body a chance to get into some sort of groove with this new routine. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect your body to miraculously change in that amount of time either! Now that you have figured out your goals, figured out your calorie intake, bought the food and taken all of your measurements, it is time to put all of that to use. None of this will work, nothing will change unless you are willing to put in the work to do so!

Every 2 weeks you will set up a check in day to track:
-Weight, measurements, feelings (mentally and physically), hunger, etc. How are things looking, feeling, etc.?
-Pay attention to big drops, plateau’s, or increases.
-Consider any days that you may have “let lose”, over indulged doubling or tripling calories or total opposite, days you didn’t eat anything.
**Ladies beware of mother nature during check in time as well!

It is now that you need to assess if it is time for a change or give yourself more time. It is all based on you and your goals, but remember, this shouldn’t be stressful!
You are making a change to feel better or reach a certain goal! Enjoy the process and watch your body do things you never knew it could do!

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