Is my fitness journey easier than yours?

Almost like clockwork, I hear these two phrases weekly from clients, other trainers and random peeps who pop in from here and there:

  1. You’re so lucky you work in a gym! You just workout all day long don’t you?
  2. It must be so easy living with and dating someone who lives the same lifestyle as you?

Besides how annoying it gets, it’s even more of a pain to TRY and explain to them how wrong they truly are.

Let’s dissect each “outsider opinion” shall we?

  1. You’re so lucky you work in a gym! You just workout all day long don’t you?

First of all, workout all day long? Are you outside your damn mind? Why on earth would I just want to work out all day long? Even as a coach, I don’t have the motivation or the stamina to do that! Working in a gym has been a part of my life since I was the ripe age of 16. No, I wasn’t exactly on the floor, but I was in a gym, doesn’t that count? By the time I had graduated to the adult part of the gym, I was wiping down sweaty, stinky machines that members had forgotten to clean. I was washing towels that were full of armpit BO and the face of makeup the woman who “never sweats” left on them. I was making smoothies and cleaning up messes left in the bathrooms. Where in there was I able to workout? Right.

Fast forward to running my own Coaching business where I run my own schedule but unlike you, I only get paid when I have clients. No in person clients, onto my laptop we go, where I need to check in and make sure all of my online clients are kicking just as much ass! Online work done, check in on nutrition clients. Macro targets are being hit, weight and measurements are being logged, everyone is winning! Yes! Class later tonight, make sure there is a full workout planned with the equipment we have based on the number of people showing up. Oh, and don’t forget to eat! I preach nutrition, so I better make sure I am getting it in just like my clients are!

Ok, phew! I finally found 1-2 hours that I could sneak in a workout. May have to rush it, may have to split it up between now and when I am off work at 7pm, but I WILL get it done! Won’t make it to long though because day starts again tomorrow at 5am!

  1. It must be so easy living with and dating someone who lives the same lifestyle as you?

Ok, let’s talk about this cereal eating machine that I call my other half. The man who can eat 2 burgers with fries, a soda pop and still lose weight the next day. The man who does one lap around the track and is shredded. The man who consumes 3,000 calories a day of chicken, rice and green beans and is immediately stage ready.


Oh yes, living and dating someone who lives the same lifestyle may seem easier, but when our “fitness” is on totally different levels, it is anything but. Our grocery bill is still just as high with his food and mine. Our pantry is just as chaotic with the cookies and chips, oats and cereals. Our fridge is full of my carefully macro calculate meals and his thrown together whatever looks good meals J The best part of living with a fellow competitor is when it comes time to prep for a show at the same time! Oh baby! No, scratch that, when it comes to prepping with or without him is just a ball of joy! Long workouts, less food, attitudes on an all-time high, tired and always sore, times that by 2 and oh its game time!

Now that I have given you all the negative of living with another fitness pro, let me tell you WHY it is works! We both understand what each other’s goals are. We understand why we need to spend x amount of time in the gym lifting, doing cardio and posing. We get why sometimes date night is meals in prepped meals or staying home so we can go to bed early for an early morning workout. We don’t question each other’s food choices or force each other to eat this when we can’t.

Is my fitness journey easier than yours because I am a Coach and I live with a fellow competitor? I say we agree to disagree. What looks easy to you on the outside is quite difficult behind closed doors. Your journey is hard, is a struggle, is easy to you because it is your journey! Mine is just the same.

Don’t worry about how “easy” it looks for others, worry about how you are going to accomplish your goals every day!

Hiring a Coach

Hiring a coach…

And why I did! I did in business, in nutrition and in the gym. I did because I want to be better. I did because I need accountability. I did because I need someone who can watch over me, perfect me and train me better than I will myself.

I hear it time and time again, “I don’t need a trainer. I know what I’m doing in the gym. If I’m confused I’ll look at the directions on the machines.” Or, “Why do I need a trainer/coach? That’s just a waste of money!” Yet, those are the people downloading workout programs online, still seeing no results and making all the excuses as to why they haven’t met ANY of their goals.

Do the best NFL players have coaches? Do Olympians have coaches? Do college athletes have coaches? So tell me again why you don’t need a coach? I don’t mean to be harsh or rude, but it is the truth. Even if you don’t ever plan on being the #1 draft pick or gold medalist, if you have goals and they are important to you, why would you not want someone holding you accountable for the bad and good?

I hired a business coach, nutrition coach and powerlifting coach all for that 1 reason, accountability. I needed someone to criticize my business and tell me how to be better and question why I wasn’t finishing projects on time. I needed a nutrition coach to ask for check in videos and wonder why I had the extra 300 calories of ice cream. I needed a powerlifting coach to correct my form and teach my the rules behind the meets. I needed these experts to make me better, make me as good as I wanted to be.

Yes, even me, a trainer and coach, has coaches to watch me, correct me and demand the best!

If I want to play ball with the best, I need to be at my best and doing that is not a solo job.

As a coach, I don’t demand my clients be perfect but I do ask for hard work and dedication. I ask for communication. I ask to give me your best, even if that is only 60% of your effort for the day. If I am going to give you my all, I need you to meet me half way.

We all struggle with staying on track. We struggle with motivation, planning and preparing. We struggle with knowing how to adjust workouts and macros (or may not know at all). We struggle every day and wonder why we aren’t hitting those goals?

We are creatures of habit in many ways and sometimes those ways just aren’t good enough. A coach is that one person who will question you, teach you and guide you passed those struggles. Make you see passed your road blocks and open your eyes to new things!

Having a coach doesn’t make you weak or incapable. On the contrary, it shows how much you care and how dedicated you are at being the best, playing ball with the big boys and pushing harder than ever.

Why should you hire a coach?

  1. Because you care about you.
  2. You want to be better than you were yesterday.
  3. You don’t care about age or how many kids you have or if your married, you want to feel good in your skin.
  4. You love yourself and you willing to cut back to get help where needed.

Do your research and find someone who you can trust and be comfortable with in the gym, in life, in business or in your relationships, and who can take you where you only dreamed of being!


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