Struggles, Trials and Daily Challenges

The other day I was waiting for my morning client to stroll into the gym when I caught myself in a semi awkward silence with one of Jerame’s older clients. I’ve never really gotten more than a “Hey how are ya?” or a small joke that most likely went right over my head from him, not because I didn’t like him, just because he is a quieter man with a dry sense of humor.

That day however, he became a mild Chatty Cathy with me in the lobby of the gym. All it started with was, “Hey how are you doing?” I didn’t give him much, a simple “Well I woke up this morning, so so far, so good!” I returned the question and got back an answer that surprised me? Yes. Simple question, loaded answer.

Have you ever looked at someone, how they dress, the car they drive or the home they live in and think, wow, they have it made? If you said no, you’re a liar, but we’ll move on. We’ve all done it. Judged someone from the outside without knowing their true story. Without meeting them or getting to know them. They talk as if they live day to day with no care in the world other than the shopping spree or amazing vacation they are about to take this coming weekend, but deep down, they are struggling just as much as you may be financially, socially or personally.

Struggles, trials and challenges in life come in all shapes and sizes. No matter who you are, wealthy or poor, white or black, small business or CEO of a multi-million dollar company, we all have different struggles that affect our moods and how we live our day to day life. Now you may have just read that and laughed, “Seriously Caitie? A small business struggles vs. a multi million dollar company? Bye Felicia!” NO WAIT! Hear me out!

A small business is trying to survive on a daily basis. Hopefully having surpassed their 2 year anniversary, they open up shop every day praying for at least one sale, especially those in a small niche. Every day, trying to make sales that will increase revenue to pay employees, pay the water bill, pay rent and maybe get to take home a small amount for themselves to pay their own bills. Now yes, their bills may be smaller, but does that mean their stress and anxiety of not making a payment is any less?

A multi-million dollar business may seem like it is doing amazing on the outside, but can you for one second put yourself in the shoes of the CEO who has to write the checks to make sure his company is running? To really open your eyes, I will bring it back round to Jerame’s client who sparked this conversation. In the 2 minutes that we were talking, he told me over night he had added $1M to his payroll from taking on employees from a company that had folded. Did you just shit your pants because I sure did! Here I am worrying about my $700 rent check to the gym and here he is adding over $1M to his freaking payroll! Lord pray for me!

A stay at home mom does loads upon loads of laundry, grocery shops and cooks, cleans the house spotless while picking up toys for the 5th time today all while trying to keep all 4 kids alive. Her husband, on the other hand, is in his office sorting through piles of paperwork, dealing with clients or fellow colleagues and taking early morning conference calls because his main office is in New York all while he is worried about not bringing in enough money to feed and clothe all 6 humans that he is in charge of. Daily struggles, just different version.

Can you see that although the amount of money or social roles may be different, how the same type of struggle is still very much alive?

My business mentor told me on the weekly, “No matter how big your company gets, no matter how much money you make, you will always have worries and headaches, they just become bigger as you grow.”

Judging someone from what you see on the outside will always come back to bite you in the ass. You don’t know their story, you don’t live their life, you don’t understand what makes them happy or drives them bat shit crazy. My struggles and daily stressors may be polar opposite of Jerame’s clients, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel my pain of running a business.

We all live different versions of LIFE. We all judge. We all want more but don’t want the responsibility of what may come of “more”. We all seek to be the richest, most famous, CEO of a big business, best trainer in town because we think that more = less. Let me be the bearer of bad news when I you that is so not the case, MORE = MORE.

Struggles will come and go, welcome to reality. Don’t wish you had someone else life until you truly understand what they go through on a daily basis.

Happy Day Fam! Smile and make today great!


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