Choosing Goals Right for You!

Choosing goals that are right for you and how to navigate them!

Have you ever set up goals for yourself that later down the road just seemed impossible?

You see a powerlifter you want to lift like and think that if I stick to a routine for 6 months I can lift a 405 lb deadlift too! But wait, I can barely lift 135 for a solid rep? How does that map out to even remotely doable? Or you see an Instagram model with a teeny tiny waste and 6 packs abs and think if I eat celery and chicken for 3 months I will fit into a size 2 jean as well! But wait, I don’t like chicken and I’m built like an NFL linebacker…how does that equate to the same thing?

Sometimes when we are setting up new goals for ourselves, we tend to set ourselves up for failure in terms of the type of goals and the time frame we have given ourselves. I am sure we can all think back to a time where we thought, ok, I am giving myself X amount of time to drop X amount of weight because this will push me to train hard and eat so healthy 24/7! But what we didn’t factor in was LIFE. We forgot about birthdays and anniversaries, about that week family vacation to Cabo we planned 6 months ago or the holiday’s that tend to bring out all the goodies and drinks and family parties galore.

When it comes to goals, I want you to try and dig deeper than the physical aspect, than the time frame you need to get it done by or the person you look up to that gave you this grand ideal goal. When you are deciding on a new goal to motivate you into the new year or give you that drive for something more, think about why you are doing it, who you are doing it for and what it is going to take. Plan out how life is going to change or how your schedule may become more chaotic than normal. How is this going to make you a better person or help you live a more fulfilling life?

Think of the “big ticket” items in life that are maybe hanging over your head that if gone or done with, would make you breathe easier. Think of things deeper than that six pack, like your gut or your mind, that may need cleansing or resetting. Think of your relationships with friends and family, spiritual and business, your enemies and neighbors. Think about things that you have always wonder “what if” about and make them a reality. If they aren’t meant to be, then at least you tried.

Set your goals high. Make them make you think BIG.

Set a plan in action for how you’re are going to make each goal possible.
Make small monthly goals that push you.

Reward yourself, celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back once you have completed a task.

Be in the moment while you are completing every step to this goal.

Learn and grow. Conquer and persevere. Thrive and be great!




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